Review FER DE LANCE ‘The Hyperborean’

‘The Hyperborean’ is the name of Fer De Lance’s debut album that hits the shelves these days. The band, in contrary to the French-sounding name, hails from Chicago, Illinois and unleashed a first EP called Colossus’ in 2020 via Cruz Del Sur Music. The label, being known for their exquisite epic metal portfolio, discovered the potential of the quintet from the US and the next product of collaboration is the full-length debut.

‘The Hyperborean’ is a concept album. It tells the story of a mariner who embarks on a journey towards a world without pain and suffering. The artwork of the album echoes the concept very well with the mariner and crew sailing towards a destination that sadly doesn’t provide the expected. The idea for this story was born during the pandemic, when singer/guitarist MP used the time in isolation to develop a storyline that is now deployed on the album.

Musically, Fer De Lance is into powerful epic metal and ‘Aurora Borealis’ is the intro-like opener, leading towards ‘The Mariner’. The latter reflects the band’s sound very well and paves the way for the rest of the album. A mighty drum beat, and guitars are starting an eight-minute epos that showcases the songwriting skills of Fer De Lance, which by the way means ‘spearhead’ in French.  A calmer middle section, raging leads and a hard-hitting rhythm section allow the song to shine.

The band shifts gears with ‘Ad Bestias’. Tempo increases but also finds some counterparts in the anthemic sections of this tune. ‘The Hyperborean’ features seven songs in total and still ends up with a running time 53 minutes. This means that the five-piece powerhouse doesn’t take the quick road to success. The songs aren’t three minute-smashers. It’s the cinematic approach that is in focus and the title track is a stellar example for Fer De Lance’s musical mission. The band manages to combine harsh and savage riff power with atmospheric moments that are touching. And with having such a contrast cleverly woven into each of the songs, listening to the album is a great experience and longtime entertainment.

Fer De Lance don’t start a flash in the pan. These guys follow their musical vision and what they placed on the debut album is as promising as it creates excitement about the next steps of this electrifying new band. Horns up.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Aurora Borealis
  2. The Mariner
  3. Ad Bestias
  4. Sirens
  5. Northern Skies
  6. Arctic Winds
  7. The Hyperborean

Label: Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Epic Metal

Release Date EU: April 22nd, 2022



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