Review BILLYBIO ‘Leaders and Liars’

Billy Graziadei and Biohazard, this combination is very well known. The singer and guitarist is a founding member of the New York hardcore band and a veteran when it comes to US-hardcore.

Next to his activities for the main band, Graziadei always found some extra time for interesting projects. He was part of the Roadrunner United session and Powerflo is project founded by Graziadei. In 2018 he announced the release of a first album (‘Feed the Fire’) as BillyBio, and the successor is now in the starting blocks.

‘Leaders and Liars’ is the second effort from BillyBio, and the title couldn’t fit better into these crazy times. The new album is done in the spirit of NYC hardcore and shows some cross-references to Biohazard. But BillyBio is wider than that. Metal and punk elements can be found on ‘Leaders and Liars’ too, making the album to an explosive musical experience.

Each of the songs is full of energy, supported and transported by a very powerful sound. This raw sound is also necessary to give the lyrics the right frame. BillyBio songs aren’t about the sunny side of life. Always promoting tolerance, Graziadei writes about social disbalance, political topics (‘Fallen Empires’ and personal things too, like in ‘Cyanide’. The riff power and groove of each of the songs on this album are the transmitter for the connected emotions, making the album to an impactful release that comes with a lot of authenticity.

‘Leaders and Liars’ is an album that is raw and honest. There isn’t he big show or anything similar. This album breathes the spirit of the street; hard, rough, painful, and sometimes rewarding. This album is as hot the Brooklyn blacktop on a hot summer noon.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Black Out
  2. Fallen Empires
  3. Leaders and Liars
  4. Lost Horizon
  5. Turn the Wounds
  6. Sheepdog
  7. Deception
  8. Generation Kill
  9. Looking Up
  10. One Life to Live
  11. Our Scene
  12. Just in the Sun
  13. Enough
  14. Remission
  15. Cyanide

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date EU: March 25th, 2022



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