Review FM ‘Thirteen’

London, UK – based rockers FM finished work on their newest album ‘Thirteen’. As the title indicates, the new offer is full-length record number thirteen, penned and recorded by the British melodic rock outfit.

The story of FM contains two chapters. The first era of the band stared in 1984, the year, FM was formed. The debut ‘Indiscreet’ was released in 1986 followed by the break-through album ‘Tough It Out’ which hit the shelves three years later.

FM’s first era ended in 1995 after having launched the ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ album. It took a few years before band members found enough common ground again to reactivate the melodic rock powerhouse. Since then, the band releases albums on a regular base.

Two years after ‘Synchronized’ has been revealed FM offer eleven new songs, forming the tracklist of ‘Thirteen’. Already while listening to the album for the first time, it becomes apparent that 13 isn’t an unlucky number for the quintet.

The first notes of the opener ‘Shaking the Tree’ clearly points out that FM make use of their trademarks. A rocking guitar, well-crafted melodies and excellent vocals is what portrays the sound of the five Englishmen, and the positive impression gets even stronger with ‘Waiting On Love’. The swinging tune showcases a band that knows how to handle a good hookline that makes it easy for listeners to connect to the song.

The blues-inspired ballad ‘Long Road Home’, together with ‘Love and War’, is the emotional highlight on ‘Thirteen’. Sometimes the bottom part of the tracklist can’t compete with the upper part when it comes to quality. In this case, the songs towards the end get stronger with the full-power rocker ‘Every Man Needs a Woman’ being a milestone on this eleven-song journey.

The slowly pounding ‘Just Get Stared’ is pure rock’n’roll entertainment too. ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ is an anthemic rocker, handing things over to ‘Be True to Yourself’, the closing tune on ‘Thirteen’.

FM’s new album is a strong statement that the band is going to work with enthusiasm and dedication. These five men obviously enjoy what they are doing, which helps the slow of the album as well as it provides an ease this kind of music needs. Good stuff for ears and mind.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Shaking The Tree
  2. Waiting On Love
  3. Talk Is Cheap
  4. Turn This Car Around
  5. Love And War
  6. Long Road Home
  7. Be Lucky
  8. Every Man Needs A Woman
  9. Just Got Started
  10. Fight Fire With Fire  
  11. Be True To Yourself  

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: March 18th, 2022



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