Review FM ‘Thirteen’

London, UK – based rockers FM finished work on their newest album ‘Thirteen’. As the title indicates, the new offer is full-length record number thirteen, penned and recorded by the British melodic rock outfit. The story of FM contains two chapters. The first era of the band stared in 1984, the year, FM was formed.... Continue Reading →

CD review FM ‘Tough It Out Live’

It was on October 2nd, 1989 when British melodic rockers FM released with ‘Tough It Out’ an album that still belongs to the highlights this genre ever brought to surface. With no less than Neil Kernon at the helm, the album is a treat for fans of melodic rock music. To celebrate the 30th anniversary... Continue Reading →

CD review FM ‘Synchronized’

All in all we can conclude that FM is releasing with 'Synchronized' another good longplayer that is going to make melodic rock fans feel happy. Smooth melodies, a cool groove and catchy hooks are the foundation for an album that is easy to listen to. A summertime soundtrack that comes right in time.

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