Review J.B.O. ‘Planet Pink’

And here we go again. No, this review isn’t about a Whitesnake album. It is the new album from Erlangen, Germany based J.B.O. that reminds of Groundhog Day. On a regular base the guys from Franconia take a new attempt to brings pleasure to the world of rock and metal. They try to blow away the grey clouds of the pandemic and establish pink as the color of metal.

‘Planet Pink’, that’s the not surprising title of the newest album and what was fun and entertaining in 1995 lost its fascination along the way. There is no development during all the years and in a way the band repeats since decades what they have established in the mid ’90. The thing is, that good ideas doesn’t become better when permanently repeated. Funny, or senseless lyrics, humba humba metal and some links to well-known songs, like from Eiffel 65, that is what the album is about.

And one can be happy if not speaking German since the fun-intended conversation at the end of ‘Einhorn’ as the meaningless conversation at the end of ‘unicorn’ remains unexplored. And also the outdated jokes during ‘Klassiker!’ cause more earache than a smile.

With songs like ‘Immer noch am Leben’ (German for ‘Still Alive’) it feels like the quartet is surprises itself that they are still around after 33 years. And here is the point, being more than three decades around means that the guys did something right, although they slowly become their own legend. And it almost sound like a threat when the guys sing that there is still no end in sight.

To conclude: after a lot of beer ‘Planet Pink’ might unveil its fun bit for all the other moments in life, ‘Planet Pink’ is more waste of resources than an album you might want to listen.

Rating: 5 out of 10.


  1. Planet Pink
  2. Rockmusik hat mich versaut
  3. Metal Was My First Love
  4. Immer noch am Leben
  5. Einhorn
  6. Expedition ins Geistreich
  7. Klassiker!
  8. Nicht Doof
  9. Mi-Ma-Metal
  10. Glaub mir lieber nicht
  11. Wir kommen alle in die Hölle
  12. Volks-Prog

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Fun Metal

Release Date EU: March 18th, 2022



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