Review DEAD CHASM ‘Dead Chasm’ – EP

Italy might be the country that one would call the epicenter of death metal. Still there are some bands, being committed to the extreme metal genre. Exceptions prove the rule.

One of these bands is Dead Chasm. Founded in 2020 by Lorenza (guitar/vocals), Gigi (bass) and Dave (drums), Dead Chasm worked on a first release, a self-titled EP.

The start into this release is massive. ‘Carved into Obscurity’ is a wrecking ball. Equipped with meat cleaver riffs and deep growls, the song is a well-chosen start into this EP. There is no compromise neither a glimpse of chumming up to trends. The Italians get out the steam hammer and roll everything down. I was reminded of the vehemence of bands like Bolt Thrower and another band that came to my mind when listening to the start of this EP was Obituary. Tempo changes add variety to the mix, especially the slower ending of this monolith.

‘Spawned in Desolation’ is the next blast and follows a similar pattern before the half-acoustic start of ‘Left Unknown’ grabs the attention. Dead Chasm reduce pace dramatically and funeral doom is not far away of what one can expect from this song. At the same time there are some raging ang and racing moments.

The final track of the album is a cover version. ‘Slumber’ was originally penned by Swedish death metal command Nirvana 2002 and was the opener of their demo ‘Disembodied Spirits’. Dead Chasm, with also some roots in Swedish death metal, took the song and gave it a new morbid shine.
‘Dead Chasm’ is a brutal and merciless death metal release from Northern Italy. Extreme metal has a home base in the southern European country and Dead Chasm is a band one should have heard if you dig brute death metal.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Craved Into Obscurity
  2. Spawned in Desolation
  3. Left Unknown
  4. Slumber

Label: F.D.A. Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: March 11th, 2022



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