Review ERIC WAGNER ‘In the Lonely Light of Mourning’

‘In the Lonely Light of Mourning’ is one of the most important releases in 2022 if not even THE most important one. It is the posthumous solo album of legendary doom metal frontman Eric Wagner who passed away far too early in August 2021.

Wagner and Trouble, this combination stands for doom metal and is a landmark within this genre. Not to forget in this context are The Skull albums that also included the great voice of Wagner. Although Wagner’s voice falls silent forever, the songs and albums remain, being a timeless legacy.

One month before Wagner lost the battle against Covid, work on ‘In the Lonely Light of Mourning’ came to an end. Listening to the album is a touching experience and an emotional journey into the sounds of doom. Wagner had the idea for such an album already years ago and it might be fate that this longplayer is the last one that brings the great voice of the iconic singer to fans and metalheads. Together with friends and former bandmates, the singer recorded an album that reflects doom metal in perfection. Dave Snyder had in important role in the creation of the album, working closely together with Wagner in composing the songs over a period four years.

Melancholy is the guiding mood of an album that has with ‘Rest in Place’ a milestone opener. Each of the songs on the album is a moanful ode in deep minor. ‘If You Lost it All’ is one example of such a song. The tunes on this album are bittersweet anthems with goosebump-potential. The slow and intense ‘Walk With Me to the Sun’ is one out of eight highlights on this longplayer, a legacy that doesn’t know a weak spot. ‘Isolation’ is emotionally impactful while ‘Strain Theory’ with its might riff shines with darkened greatness.

The final track, not only on this album, carries the meaningful title ‘Wish You Well’. “If you are in heaven or on hell / either way I wish you well”, that is an expressive line and far more than just words. It feels like one listen to a goodbye wish and in the end, it is exactly this. Rest in peace Eric Wagner. You and your voice will be always with metalheads all over the world.

Rating: 10 out of 10.


  1. Rest in Place
  2. Maybe Tomorrow
  3. Isolation
  4. If You Lost It All
  5. Strain Theory
  6. Walk with Me to the Sun
  7. In the Lonely Light of Mourning
  8. Wish You Well

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: March 18th, 2022

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