CD review THE SKULL ‘The Endless Road Turns Dark’

(9/10) Doom masters The Skull premiered not that long ago. OK, it was in 2014 when “For Those Which are Asleep’ hit the record stores, an album that was equally acclaimed by fans and media. One of the reasons for success was and is an experienced gang of musicians that came together to do what they can do best – write heavily downtuned riffs and slowly rolling vocal lines, built on a Sabbathian metal vibe. Even though The Skull has a not too long history it’s metal veterans that run the band.

Former Trouble members Eric Wagner and Ron Holzner teamed up with Lothar Keller, Rob Wrong and Brian Dixon for recording the successor of the well-done debut. The great debut with all the positive reactions could have become an extra pressure for the quintet, but the opposite seemed to be case. The band took the good vibe and transferred it into an even better second longplayer.

‘The Endless Road Turns Dark’ is the title of this delicious doom metal feast. Eight new songs found a spot on the tracklist of this masterpiece and each of them reflects doom metal in a great way.

The seven minutes title track is the first song you come across on the album and it paves the way for what to expect from the rest of this longplayer. Oldschool doom metal unveils its beauty from start to end. Slow and hypnotic riffing is the centerpiece of the song. Together with Wagner’s exceptional voice the song belongs to the best ones in this type of music.

What goes for the title track is also mirrored by all the other tunes on the album. The calmer and melancholic ‘Breathing Underwater’, the heavy pounding ‘The Longing’ and the galloping ‘As the Sun Draws Near’, all brilliant doom metal songs  with depth and gloomy heaviness. There is no way to get around this album.





  1. The Endless Road Turns Dark
  2. Ravenswood
  3. Breathing Underwater
  4. The Longing
  5. From Myself Depart
  6. As the Sun Draws Near
  7. All That Remains (Is True)
  8. Thy Will Be Done


Label: Tee Pee Records

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: September 7th, 2018

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