(8/10) After Black Tusk was confronted with the sad situation of losing their bass player Jonathan Athon (RIP) in a motorcycle accident back in 2014, the guys had to go through some tougher times. The latest album, ‘Pillars of Ash’, honored Athon’s memory and it was former Kylesa member Corey Barhorst that could be recruited for the album.

After going through such a rough and sad period, the band started to work on their 6th album. ‘TCBT’ is its name and it will be available mid-August this year. It was the trio Fidler (g/v), Barhorst (b/v) and May (d/v) that recorded ‘TCBT’, an album that comprise of 12 songs the band describes as swamp metal. What seems to be a new box for clustering metal is actually a mix of metal, punk, hardcore and sludge. However you want to describe Black Tusk’s new longplayer, you can’t avoid words like ‘aggressiveness’, ‘powerful’, ‘angry’ and ‘furious’. These four adjectives describe each of the songs on this 42 minutes blast in a very good way.

‘TCBT’ powers from start to end and the band doesn’t allow any space for a deep breathe. As a listener, you’re trapped in this raging metal release and it’s tracks like the ultra-fast ‘Never Ending Daymare’ or ‘Burn the Stars’, with its Motorhead-reference, that makes you go bonkers.

Black Tusk unleashes an album that is wild and unbound. The band found a niche for their music. These guys reached an expanding fan base over time and their sixth record will help to attract even more fans for their music. Very cool stuff.





  1.  A Perfect View of Absolutely Nothing
  2. Closed Eye
  3. Agali
  4. Lab Rat
  5. Scalped
  6. Ghosts Roam
  7. Ill at Ease
  8. Rest With the Dead
  9. Never Ending Daymare
  10. Orange Red Dead
  11. Whispers
  12. Burn the Stars


Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Swamp Metal

Release Date EU: August 17th, 2018


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