DVD review ALTER BRIDGE “Live at the Royal Albert Hall’

(9/10) It was on October 2nd and 3rd last year, when Alter Bridge played two special shows at a special place. The quartet performed at legendary Royal Albert Hall in London and it was more the solely the location that was special. Alter Bridge teamed-up with conductor Simon Dobson and the 52-pieces Parallax Orchestra these nights, which made things really different and unique.

No doubt that such a special moment needs to be captured. The entire concerts were recorded and filmed, leading to a new DVD that sees the light of day nearly one year after the events took place. Two hours in total provide a lot of Alter Bridge classics, spread out over a setlist that almost equally represented all five studio records that have been released until now.

The addition of a big orchestra gives Alter Bridge classic like ‘The Last Hero’ and ‘Broken Wings’ a new and voluminous expression. The concerts showed a band and an orchestra that together created something unique by slightly rearranging the songs while still keeping the original Alter Bridge vibe in place. Both parties make use of each other’s strength rather than being in a competition, which adds another dimension to songs like ‘The Other Side’.

What more? This release comprises of a song, Alter Bridge never played live before. ‘Words Darker Than Their Wings’ debuted on stage in October 2017 and furthermore it’s the acoustic part of the show, with Myles Kennedy doing ‘Wonderful Life / Watch Over You’ together with the orchestra that gives you the shivers too.

The visuals add extra intensity and impressiveness to the total, a package that is a ‘must have’ for Alter Bridge fans. What was distracting though was the mix of live show and behind-the-scene sequences with interviews. Maybe this was only part of the stream I received, but it disrupted the flow of the show. An extra chapter with the really informative interviews, background and extra information about the show would have done a better job, but again, maybe/hopefully it’s separated on the DVD.

Besides that ‘Live at the Royal Albert Hall’ is an awesome release and a great summary of creative achievements of one of the most influential bands these days.





  1. Slip to the Void
  2. Addicted to Pain
  3. Before Tomorrow Comes
  4. The Writing on the Wall
  5. Cry of Achilles
  6. On Loving Memory
  7. Fortress
  8. Ties That Bind
  9. The Other Side
  10. Brand New Start
  11. Ghost of Days Gone By
  12. The Last Hero
  13. Words Darker Than Their Wings
  14. Waters Rising
  15. Lover
  16. Wonderful Life / Watch Over You
  17. This Side of Fate
  18. Broken Wings
  19. Blackbird
  20. Open Your Eyes


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date EU: September 7th, 2018





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