Review WARPATH ‘Disharmonic Revelations’

Thinking about thrash metal from Hamburg means having Warpath on the radar. The band started in the early ‘90s and after having shipped four longplayers to the record stores a first era came to an end in 1998.

Nearly 20 years later, Warpath returned with their ‘Bullets for a Desert Session’ album. This was the start of the second era of the band, a time that is still ongoing.

Four years after having launched the ‘Filthy Bastard Culture’ album the new record ‘Disharmonic Revelation’ hit the shelves in March. A twelve songs comprising tracklist stands for harsh and aggressive thrash metal. It is not that Warpath reinvent thrash metal. A lot of things have been said and done in this genre. What makes ‘Disharmonic Revelations’ to a good album though is the relentless power the band embedded in songs like the substantial ‘A Part of My Identity’ and the roaring ‘Scars’

Tons of riffs is what act like a smashing wrecking ball, all in combination with a gloomy atmosphere and an intensity of a smash into the face. Although being rooted in thrash metal, ‘Disharmonic Revelations’ has a level of variation I haven’t expected. There is the slower and massive ‘MMXX’, including a guitar solo by Detraktor’s Rafael Dobbs, the speedy opener ‘The Last One’ and ‘The Unpredictable Past’ the dark and post-rock-reminding ending of the album.

‘Disharmonic Revelations’ is the first studio album in four years, penned by the thrash metal enthusiasts from Hamburg. Songs, sound, and production, it all fits together on this mammoth riff assault that doesn’t unveil that much new and still has enough in place for a few turns.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Last One
  2. Disharmonic Revelations
  3. Parasite
  4. A Part Of My Identity
  5. Visions And Reality
  6. Scars
  7. Egos Aspire
  8. MMXX
  9. Resurrection
  10. Decisions Fall
  11. Digitized World
  12. The Unpredictable Past
  13. Innocence Lost (Bonus Track)
  14. MMXX (Alternative Version) (Bonus Track)

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: March 4th, 2022




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