Review EMBRYONIC AUTOPSY ‘Prophecies Of The Conjoined’

February 18 could be an interesting date for fans of brute death metal. It is the planned release date of Embryonic Autopsy’s debut album ‘Prophecies of the Conjoined’, an album with immense and evil dynamics.

Embryonic Autopsy, that’s vocalist Tim King (Oppressor), guitarist/bassist/keyboardist Scott Roberts (ex-O T E P) and drummer Arnaud Krakowka. The guys are deeply rooted in the death metal of the 90’s which is more than obvious right away with the opener ‘Regurgitated and Reprocessed’. With furious speed and extreme growls, coming deep from the gut, the guys go immediately into action. Without detours and flourishes Embryonic Autopsy crush everything that stands in their way. The band does not focus on convoluted layers, but instead strip down the songs to the minimum and what remains is an untamed aggression in the individual tracks.

Although the tempo is generally kept high and the playing time with just over a half hour does not reach epic dimensions, Embryonic Autopsy can also operate in slower fields. ‘Upon the Mayan Throne’ is such a slower track and it is the vicious groove that is the common thread to the other songs. Justin James delivers a solo as a contribution to this wrecking ball and speaking of guests, there are several more of them to be heard on ‘Prophecies Of The Conjoined’. James Murphy (Death, Obituary, Testament) is present on the smashing ‘Cauterized Womb Impalement’. Terence Hobbs’ (Suffocation) solo enhances the aforementioned opener, while Doc Coyle (God Forbid) adds a solo to ‘Cannibalized By Octuplets’.
Overall, this debut is driven by a passion for brutal death metal that finds its roots in the 90s.

Conceptually anchored in the themes of aliens, Mayans and ancient Egypt, the band pound their way through ten neck-breaking songs, which should be of interest to old-school death metal fans.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Regurgitated And Reprocessed
  2. Cauterized Womb Impalement
  3. Prophecies Of The Conjoined
  4. Craving Of The Mutated Fetus
  5. Upon The Mayan Throne
  6. Splicing The Alien Gene
  7. Telekinetic Insemination
  8. Cannibalized By Octuplets
  9. Cauterized Womb Impalement (Genetically Altered)
  10. Recombination Sequence Complete

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Brute Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 18th, 2022



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