Review (DOLCH) ‘Nacht’

Not so much is known about (DOLCH) and the band finds pleasure in keeping things rather hidden. What has come to light, however, is that the band has some roots in Berlin, which is reflected in both the German band name and the album titles. When exactly (DOLCH) were brought to life is not passed on. However, it must have been earlier than 2014, because in the same year the duo released a first sign of life with ‘Demo I’.

Albums have been rare since then, yet it was in 2019 when the ambient outfit, which in the meantime had grown into a band , released with ‘Feuer’ a debut album. At the same time, ‘Feuer’ was the first part of a trilogy called ‘Feuer, Nacht und Tod (Fire, Night and Death)’. Consequently, the second album is called ‘Nacht’ and hits the record stores these days.

Two things immediately catch the eye. First, the new record builds on a tracklist with twelve songs, five tracks more than on the debut. At the same time, the songs are a bit shorter, respectively there are intro and interlude, which helps to build up a gloomy arc of tension.

“Gloomy” is a key word for (DOLCH) because everything the listener gets to hear on ‘Nacht’ is dark and full of melancholy. If you are looking for something cheerful after the long and dark winter months in the age of pandemic, you will certainly not find it on ‘Nacht’. The same goes for metal fans looking for a solid riff and heavy sounds. That is not offered on ‘Nacht’ either.

This album takes the heaviness out of sound collages that give you goosebumps. Songs like ‘Into the Night’ shine with soft and almost breathed vocals and a sonic texture that goes to the core. (DOLCH) are celebrating the sorrow of the night.

It’s not that melodies don’t find a place though. ‘I am OK’ and ‘House of Glass’ are well-done moments, with the former having atmospheric overtones and ‘House of Glass’ causing a certain malaise without knowing exactly why.

(DOLCH) create on their second album a well-done mix of atmosphere, depression and gloom. Nothing on the album suggests that the night is followed by day. Rather, one has the feeling that ‘Nacht’ is the preparation for ‘Tod’, not only in terms of the album cycle. Those who are looking for a slightly different sound will be well served by (DOLCH).

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Lights Out
  2. Open
  3. Tonight
  4. Mercury
  5. Into the Night
  6. I Am Ok (Hydroxytryptamin Baby PartII)
  7. I Am Ok (Hydroxytryptamin Baby PartIII)
  8. Nacht
  9. Bird of Prey
  10. Ghost
  11. Coda
  12. Early Morning No Taxi

Label: Van Records

Genre: Blackened Ambient

Release Date EU: February 4th, 2022



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