Review VENOM PRISON ‘Erebos’

It feels like Venom Prison being around since a long time and sure, seven years isn’t just yesterday. Still, considering that the band founded in 2014 shows that they are a rather new outfit.

With two albums under their belt, of which ‘Samsara’ from 2019 is the latest one, the quintet from South Wales worked during the last month on record number three, often looked at as being the decisive one for a bands future path.

‘Erebos’ is the title of the new album, penned and recorded by Venom Prison. Nine songs and an intro, that is what the longplayer offers and what gets out of the speakers is pure energy. One of the reasons for this unbound energy can be found in the early days of the band. Venom Prison started based on what they loved – writing and playing music. It wasn’t the huge career ambition that drove the quintet which led to an independent creativity the band managed to transfer into the today.

Venom Prison in 2022 still has this basic spirit from the beginning present although expectations rose over time. It also helps the band’s ambition to always move on and evolve instead of reproducing an album twice. ‘Born From Chaos’ acts as an introduction to ‘Erebos’ and builds up tension that fully unloads with ‘Judges of the Underworld’. One of the key elements of Venom Prison, that is present throughout, is the powerful voice of Larissa Stupar. Screams and shouts give the album an aggressiveness that is also reflected in vehement riffs.

With such a musical foundation, Venom Prison finds a way to not end up in endless repetition nor musical limitations. Each of the songs on the album is much more than a merciless noise attack. The details and breaks are the tools the band uses to maintain a thrill, even if a song is beyond the six minutes. The closer ‘Technologies of Death’, with the calmer middle section, is a good example for the way, Venom Prison approach songs.  

Listening to ‘Erebos’ leaves listeners with a feeling of pleasant discomfort. This record doesn’t mirror the happy flow. It is a musical distraction, manifested by tunes like the raging ‘Golden Apple of the Hesperides’. Nothing is streamlined on ‘Erebos’ and that’s the benefit of this longplayer. Pure energy is what this album brings to the plate, a welcomed and massive riff assault.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Born From Chaos
  2. Judges of The Underworld
  3. Nemesis
  4. Comfort of Complicity
  5. Pain of Oizys
  6. Golden Apples of The Hesperides
  7. Castigated In Steel And Concrete
  8. Gorgon Sisters
  9. Veil of Night
  10. Technologies of Death

Label: Century Media

Genre: Death Metal / Grind

Release Date EU: February 4th, 2022




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