Review TENSION ‘Decay’

Metal maniacs Tension, hailing from Leipzig, Germany, have finished work on the debut album called ‘Decay’. The first full-length longplayer features nine songs, all rooted and anchored in traditional heavy metal. There is a lot NWoBHM spirit that resonates in each of the songs, starting with the firing opener ‘Open th Gates’ and ending with a song that title-wise fits perfect into the here and now – ‘Earth Crisis’.

Tension, that is the brainchild of frontman Maik H. and Phil M. who founded this metal unit in 2015. Onboarding the missing band members was a rather smooth process and work on a first release could start quickly. This first delivery was self-titled EP and helped the guys to tour with band like Tokyo Blade.

With their full-length debut, Tension dares to take a next step and what metalheads get offered by these nine songs sounds good and headbanging can start right away. What characterizes Tension’s sound are heavy riffs as well as melodies, reflected by leads and act at the same time being a basic ingredient for each of the songs. With tunes like ‘Age of the Stars’ a few more layers have been added to the mix before ‘Black Knights’ bring back straight-forward heavy metal, this time with a reference to the Swedish Wave of Heavy Metal.

‘Decay’ is a debut and there are some unused potentials for future releases. There are edges, some by purpose and some that might be smoothened along the way. However, ‘Decay’ is an album that is aiming for metal fans that dig a good riff and a strongly working rhythm section. This album reflects heavy metal from the underground, built on passion and played with dedication.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Open the Gates
  2. Higher Power
  3. Hellfight
  4. Cosmic Gaze
  5. Age of the Stars
  6. Black Knights
  7. Mooncrusher
  8. Mistress
  9. Earth Crisis

Label: Dying Victims Productions

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: January 28th, 2022



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