Review TANGENT ‘Tangent’

Tangent is a new powerhouse from Melbourne, Australia with a passion for heavy rock, music from the streets and with dirt under the fingernails. The band release with ‘Tangent’ a debut EP that features four songs.

The beauty of this release is the unleashed passion for heavy guitar music that is manifested with songs like the furious opener ‘Spellbreaker’. It’s a warm sound with an old-school vibe that swings with each note played. At the same time Tangent sound energetic and vibrant. The heartbeat of rock’n’roll is beating fast when listening to these four songs. It is almost impossible to stand still when Tangent starts to let riff power off the leash.

Track number two shows that the have more to offer than fast paced headbangers. ‘Come Back from the Light’ is a moderately paced song with edges. Instead of going for a polished and faceless sound, Tangent decided to go for an authentic and organic production that fits the music in excellent fashion.

With ‘Like Dreams in the Day’, the guys reduce pace even more and what starts like a ballad-ish tune begins some energy along the way, always staying the soulful tune throughout. After such an emotional moment, Tangent reactivates the steam hammer with ‘Sabotage’, the final track on this mini-disc. Hard riffing, good melodies and rough edges is what the songs provides, merging the coolness of rock’n’roll with a kick-ass spirit.

‘Tangent’ is a positive way to start 2022. These songs are entertaining, and it is pure fun to participate in the joy of life when listening to these four rock anthems. Good stuff from Down Under.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Spellbreaker
  2. Come Back from the Light
  3. Like Dreams in the Day
  4. Sabotage

Label: Dying Victims Productions

Genre: Heavy Rock

Release Date EU: January 28th, 2022


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