ATROCITY will release ‘Unspoken Names – Demo 1991’ in January

Atrocity belongs to the veterans of German death metal. After renaming from Instigator to Atrocity Alex Krull and bandmates premiered in 1990 with an album called ‘Hallucinations’. The sophomore album, ‘Todessehnsucht’, followed in 1992 and in-between the band recorded a four-song demo that will be re-released by Massacre Records on January 7th, 2022.

Each of the songs ended up on Atrocity’s second album and what the demo offers are a raw demo version of ‘Sky Turned Red’, ‘Unspoken Names’, Defiance’ and ‘A Prison Called Earth’. Apart from ‘Unspoken Names’, none of the demo tracks has been release earlier which makes this release interesting for fans of the band and collectors too. The EP was newly mastered by Alex Krull who is also responsible for the mix, together with Falk Gruber.

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