Review WICKED SENSATION ‘Outbreak’

‘Wicked Sensation’ that is not only the title of the glorious Lynch Mob debut album, but also the moniker of a band that started in 1999 in Karlsruhe, Germany. The guys released four longplayers with ‘Adrenaline Rush’ having been the latest one to date. ‘Adrenaline Rush’ was unveiled in 2014 and it took a while for fans to welcome a new record from the German hard rock outfit.

‘Outbreak’ is the title of the fifth album and fits very well into the current times of craziness. The ‘outbreak’ of the pandemic changed a lot, and it is ‘Outbreak’, the album, that hopefully carries some more positive vibes.

The core of the band is the two guitarists Michael Klein and Sang Vong, who worked for a next time with frontman David Reece. With Dennis Ward being responsible for mix and mastering, all the ingredients for a good album are in place. So let’s start the engine and listen to ‘Outbreak’.

After ‘Mission Timewalker’ introduces the album it is ‘Starbreaker’ being a clear indication of what can be expected. Firing rock power comes out of the speakers and there is a temptation to turn up the volume. A bit reminding of Whitesnake, the band unleash the rock’n’roll beast for the first time and there is more to come. The moderate paced ‘Light in the Dark’, with a Gus G. guitar solo, is another example for well-done songwriting and the following tune, ‘Satisfy Temptation’, shows the forceful part of Wicked Sensation again that brings back good memories from the ‘80s.

There is no real weak spot on the album. Not everything sounds innovative and new but each song is a vivid rock’n’roll experience and listening to ‘Outbreak’ is a joyful way to spend time.

Crushing guitars, hooks and great vocals is what defines ‘Outbreak’ and ‘Step Into the light’ is another example for the dedication of Wicked Sensation. In case you thought that the album comes without ballad, it is ‘Tomorrow’ that sweeps your hope. The acoustic closer is the soulful ending of an album that is strong and powerful. Wicked Sensation have a good sense for melodies and power. The band catch you attention with excellent hooks that are a key element of ‘Outbreak’. I can recommend the album and please more of this kind of ‘outbreaks’.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Mission Timewalker
  2. Starbreaker
  3. Child of Sorrow
  4. Light in the Dark
  5. Satisfy Temptation
  6. Breaking Away
  7. Face Reality
  8. Hide Away
  9. Jaded Lady
  10. Step into the Light
  11. Tomorrow

Label: ROAR

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: December 17th, 2021



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