MDD Records re-issues SENTINEL BEAST debut

Sentinel Beast’s musical endeavor didn’t take too long and three years after having started the powerhouse the band members parted ways in 1987. One of the reasons why Sentinel Beast got some attention in the ‘80s was because it was no less than Slayer’s Kerry King who found the band and acted as a gear-changer.

At the time Sentinel Beast signed a deal with Metal Blade Records and the debut was a logical consequence. ‘Depths of Death’ is the title of the first album and stayed the only longplayer in a rather overseeable discography.

On November 26th, 2021 MDD Records re-issues the underground classic on CD and fans who missed the debut in ‘80s have a next chance to catch up.


  1. Depths of Death
  2. Mourir
  3. Dogs Of War
  4. Corpse
  5. Evil Is The Night
  6. Sentinel Beast
  7. Revenge
  8. The Keeper
  9. Phantom Of The Opera

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