Review GOLDSMITH ‘Of Sound and Fury’

Michael Goldschmidt aka started his metal career back in 1992 as being part of Sourthn German thrash metal band Blackend. These are metallic roots of the guitarist and singer and after Blackend disbanded in 2002 Goldsmith continued with following his passion for music. He worked together with blues rock icons like Bernard Allison with tours... Continue Reading →

Review FINAL CRY ‘The Ever-Rest’

Germany’s thrash-/death metal band Final Cry started their musical adventure in 1992 and debuted in 1997 with ‘Wavecrest’. Since more than thirty years, Final Cry stands for well-made metal with raw power and edges. Built on a rather stable line-up it was singer Kai Wilhelm who joined the band in 2021 and the new album... Continue Reading →

Review MORGOTH ‘Ungod’ (re-release)

One of the pioneers when it comes to German death metal is a band, hailing from Meschede, North Rhine-Westphalia. Their name – Morgoth. Death metal gained momentum in the early 90s and Morgoth was one of the first bands from Germany that could establish themselves as an important part of this soaring new chapter of... Continue Reading →

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