CLUTCH and the next chapter of ‘Live from the Doom Saloon’ series

Clutch add a next live stream show to their agenda. Under the header of ‘Live from the Doom Saloon Vol. 4’, the riff masters from the US will stream a live event from their rehearsal room on November 26th, 2021 at 8pm EST (2am CET on November 27th, 2021). If this is too late, or too early, you can watch the event until Sunday, November 28th.

Clutch comment: “We just wrapped up tracking our new album so we’re ready to play a show! Come hang with us on November 26 for Live From the Doom Saloon Vol 4. We’ll stream this show live from our rehearsal pad. We’re gonna play something from every one of our albums and maybe even something brand new!”

Tickets are available at:

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