Review NECROFIER ‘Prophecies of Eternal Darkness’

Necrofier, that is Bakka Larson (vocals / guitar), Dobber Beverly (drums), Josh Bokemeyer (guitar) and Mat Aleman (bass). The guys have a passion for black metal that isn’t shy of a good melody. To not be misunderstood, Necrofier isn’t a melodic mainstream black metal outfit. The band had already an opening slot with UADA and what leaves the speakers is harsh and dark black metal.

Although being a rather new band, the involved musicians are no rookies. Each of the four guys has a history in metal with the rhythm section being known from Oceans Of Slumber.

Necrofier start with ‘The Black Flame Burns’ into the album and listening to songs indicates why Season Of Mist signed the band. Racing black metal is what the quartet offers and right away it feels like the surface opens and reveals the gate to hell. These black flames are hot and ‘Darker Than the Night’ confirms the first impression. The four-piece band from Texas broadcasts right from the abyss. Without compromising the relentless heaviness, the guys have a sense for adding an atmospheric vibe to their songs. It is not only about speed and hoarse vocals. Songs like ‘Madness Descends’ are varied black metal anthems.

Another interesting song is ‘Death Comes For Us All’. Necrofier includes exciting tempo-changes, starting with a slower and steady beat before the inferno breaks loose. With a solid groove the band adds another element to the middle part of this song, which one of the highlights of the album.

Things get even more hellish with the slower paced ‘Betrayal of the Queen’. This song is a massive sound experience with despair being part of every note played. And if you think you have heard it all, no way. The gloomy sound collage called ‘Plague Requiem’ is an unexpected way to finish off the album, a great piece of misery.

‘Prophecies of Eternal Darkness’ is one of these black metal albums that you approach without a certain expectation and what you get to hear is what blows you away. This longplayer is a fantastic debut that has the potential to reach metalheads that might not count black metal to their favorite genre. One of the best debuts in 2021, for sure.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. The Black Flame Burns
  2. Darker than the night
  3. Madness Descends
  4. Return to Chaos
  5. Death Comes to Us All
  6. Unholy Hunger
  7. Betrayal of the Queen
  8. Plaque Requiem

Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: October 22nd, 2021




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