Review CREEPING DEATH ‘The Edge of Existence’ – EP

‘The Edge of Existence’ is the new EP of Creeping Death which connects the beginning of the band with the here and now. Six songs are what this release offers and three of them are well known by fans of the death metal force.

‘The Edge of Existence’ starts with three new songs with title track being the brute opener. Deep growls and a merciless riff is what Creeping Death brings to the plate and fans of old-school Florida-based death metal will like what they get to hear. Screaming guitars and a hard-hitting rhythm section complete the list of ingredients that are also the main assets for ‘Relicts from the Past’. The level of aggressiveness remains high and in general it’s a raging song too. Well-placed tempo changes add excitement to this monsterous song.

Much slower and still intense is the beginning of ‘Humanity Transcends’. If you expect the song staying in such a moderate pace it’s the massive tempo change that proves you wrong. With blistering speed the track is the heaviest one out of these three new tunes, a showcase for contemporary death metal with roots in the late 80s.

Next to these three new songs the EP carries all songs from the ‘Sacrament of Death’ release from 2016 too. The EP was produced and mixed by Ryan Bram, who gave the songs a raw sound that is crucial for such a hellish release. Creeping Death are still a rather new band and what can be experienced with this release is, that the quintet doesn’t stand still. Evolving their sound is important to the five guys and we can already look forward to the sophomore album with excitement.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Edge Of Existence
  2. Relics From The Past
  3. Humanity Transcends
  4. Doused In Flames
  5. Sacrament Of Death
  6. Skinned Alive

Label: eOne

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: October 8th, 2021



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