Review PARADOX ‘Heresy II – End of a Legend’

Paradox isn’t a band that benefited a lot from the sunny side of life. It took bandleader Charly Steinhauer a lot of willpower and commitment for the band to overcome all hurdles and challenges life had to offer.

Paradox started in 1981 and it was the fabulous ‘Product of Imagination’ that was a first wow-moment for band and fans. Released in 1987, the album set a rock-solid foundation for a band that showed a lot of potential right away. After such an impressive start, the band went on tour and planned to work on the next release called ‘Heresy’. Line-up changes and health issues delayed the release of the sophomore record that finally saw the light of day in 1989 before the band disbanded in 1991.

Inspired by a gig at the Wacken Open Air in 1999, Steinhauer restarted the band with ‘Collision Course’ album marking a successful return. Line-up changes and health issues didn’t become less in the new century and again it was the willpower of Steinhauer that led to the continuation of Paradox. Never give in is the common thread through the entire Paradox storyline.

Five years after having shipped ‘Pangea’ to the record stores it is ‘Heresy II – End of a Legend’, being the newest addition to the discography. As the album title indicates the new album is connected to the ‘Heresy’ longplayer from the 90s and picks it up where the band left off with the first chapter. Paradox could maintain vibe and spirit from the first era and transfer it into 2021. The quartet has been always true to their sound and ‘Heresy II – End of a Legend’ offers energy-drive thrash metal with a strong power metal sidenote.

It’s certainly better to listen to these 13 songs instead of reading about them. Still I would highlight a few of these tunes, real headbanging anthems of which the opener ‘Escape from the Burning’ is one of. It’s a calm and intro-like way that is paved for fans of solid thrash metal. The level of intensity is constantly raising before a thrash metal riff confirms that pressing the ‘Start’-button was the right choice.

A neck-breaker riff is what makes the higher paced ‘The Visitor’ stand out. ‘Heresy II – End of a Legend’ sounds modern and at the same brings memories to forefront of a time, when thrash metal was heading towards some Heydays.

Paradox is known for epic songs that are not tied to a four minute running time. Six minutes and more is what the tracks on this release represent, with the glorious ‘A Meeting of Minds’ being the centerpiece, not only because it’s positioned in the middle part of the tracklist. The track includes all, Paradox stands for, calmer tones with an edge and wild thrash metal outbursts that are furious but never out of control. Once again Paradox and Steinhauer have put time and effort into songwriting and ideas, which is positively noticeable on the hard-hitting ‘Children of a Virgin’. Power metal fuses with harsh thrash metal, leading to a song that is made for headbanging.

Another masterpiece on this album is ‘The Great Daniel’. Also coming with a 9-minute running time, the songs is more to the point than ‘A Meeting of Minds’. The song wastes no time and takes off in full swing. And although the song is to the point, it’s the details and twists that make this epic a feast for the ears and mind.

‘Heresy II – End of a Legend’ is a next strong album from Paradox. Steinhauer and bandmates created a thrash metal highlight of the year that transfers the spirit of the first era into the here and now with new recording technologies giving the records an even stronger sound. Headbanger’s paradise.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Escape From The Burning
  2. Mountains And Caves
  3. The Visitors
  4. Children Of A Virgin
  5. Journey Into Fear
  6. Burying A Treasure
  7. A Meeting Of Minds
  8. Priestly Vows
  9. Unholy Conspiracy
  10. A Man Of Sorrow (Prologue)
  11. A Man Of Sorrow
  12. The Great Denial
  13. End Of A Legend

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: September 24th, 2021


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