Review A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH ‘Infernum in Terra’

One of the most influential bands that called Brooklyn, NYC their homebase is Pete Steele’s legendary Type O Negative. Part of this outfit was Sal Abruscato who provided, as drummer of the band, the heartbeat for milestone releases like ‘Bloody Kisses’. After having been also part of Life Of Agony, the drummer started his own band A Pale Horse Named Death in 2010.

Abruscato’s new band premiered in 2011 with ‘And Hell Will Follow Me’ and what followed in real life have been two more record.

Three years after the third album hit the shelves, A Pale Horse Named Death return ‘Infernum in Terra’ and it is a song called ‘Infernum’ that kicks off this release. It’s more an intro than a song that sets the scene for a dark ride through the abyss of the human soul. A Pale Horse Named Death’s fourth album is a dark one and a constant undertone of melancholia resonates with each of the ten songs. At the same time ‘Infernum in Terra’ doesn’t stay always in endless gloom and wistfulness. There are songs with a link to the bible, like the fall of Lucifer.

Mentioning Lucifer, one of the highlight on ‘Infernum in Terra’ is the six and a half minute ‘Lucifer’s Sun’. As most of the songs on this release, also ‘Lucifer’s Sun’ is kept in a slower pace. It is the mighty riff that brings the right level of heaviness to the plate and there as a grunge vibe also, that pushes to the forefront especially in the verse. Another bittersweet tune on the album is entitled ‘Slave of the Dead’. Piano and well-accentuated keyboard are key elements of this slo-mo track that shows the emotional depth of A Pale Horse Named Death’s newest release.

The heavy moments don’t have a much different appeal when it comes to pace. Abruscato and bandmates never shift gears in a dramatic way. It’s the heavily down-tuned guitars, the hard-working rhythm section and the partly plangorous vocals, giving each of the tracks a sober and at the same time mighty presence. Between these darkened outbursts, the band integrates intermezzos, like ‘It is Done’. And there is ‘Souls in the Abyss’, which is more of a calm outro that leaves you with a chill that wraps your soul.

A Pale Horse Named Death release with ‘Infernum in Terra’ their strongest and most mature album to date. The guys steadily find their own formula and a sound that might not be unique, but for sure an own identity. Fans of Brooklyn-based metal with a dark and bitter vibe should check out ‘Infernum in Terra’. This gloomy journey is fascinating and the right soundtrack for the upcoming grey season called autumn.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Infernum
  2. Believe In Something (You Are Lost)
  3. Cast Out From The Sky
  4. Shards Of Glass
  5. Lucifer’s Sun
  6. It Is Done
  7. Two Headed Snake (Propofol Dreams)
  8. Slave To The Master
  9. Devil’s Deed
  10. Reflections Of The Dead
  11. Souls In The Abyss

Label: Long Branch Records

Genre: Dark Metal

Release Date EU: September 24th, 2021



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