Review INSOMNIUM ‘Argent Moon’ – EP

Summer in Scandinavia means either a very short night or just a dawn that bridges from one day to another. And it’s a silver shimmering moon, some stars and a long shades having the potential to let grow melancholia. Such a scene is captured on the artwork of Insomnium’s newest delivery. ‘Argent Moon’ is the title of this offer, an EP the features four new songs from The Finnish melodic death metal unit.

The tracks on this release are the perfect soundtrack for the described scenery. Insomnium was never a band that thematized the happy flow. Melancholia and gloom are the key element of their music, the heavy-hearted aspect of human existence.

As all of us, also Insomnium had to recover from the shocking news of a changing world in a pandemic, an almost unreal time when concerts couldn’t take place anymore. The pandemic put the brakes on a lot of things but never could and can stop creativity. It might be even a time that nurtures creative output, one of the reason for the Finns to start working on new songs.

Insomnium are masters of their craft. As not many others, the band combines the calmer and soulful moments with harsh death metal outbursts and growls taking over from clean vocals. The interplay of this style element is used by more band, but it is this quintet that belongs to the veterans in this field. From the starting point ‘The Conjurer’ to the finish line (‘The Wanderer’) the band invites listeners to an exciting and emotional journey through a world wrapped in soulful darkness. And although the EP will be released these days, you might have heard the songs already. The band released them during 2021, step by step accompanied by videos. Now it is time to connect the dots and unleash the darkened beauty on an EP.

Mostly in slower pace, Insomnium present great songs that are touching. At the same time the band doesn’t follow a cookie-cutter approach. There are twist and layers, making the tunes to an exciting listening experience for a longer time. It’s the fascination of the beauty of darkness that puts a spell on the ones that pressed the ‘Start’-button.

‘Argent Moon’ is the result of an unstoppable creative flow, and it is a thrilling addition to the rich discography of the Finnish quintet. Darkness that wraps your soul rarely sounded so beautiful.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. The Conjurer
  2. The Reticent
  3. The Antagonist
  4. The Wanderer

Label: Century Media

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: September 17th, 2021




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