Review THE PICTUREBOOKS ‘The Major Minor Collective’

The Picturebooks is a German rock band, haling from Gütersloh. It’s a duo with Fynn Grabke and Philipp Mirtschink being the driving forces. The guys have added already some albums to the books and this time it’s ‘The Major Minor Collective’ being another entry in the win-column. Also hit by the current situation, The Picturebooks started to work on new songs since touring wasn’t an option. Step by step the two guys shaped the album and it was a trip to Sweden that opened the gate to guest appearances. Originally planned was a song together with Blues Pills singer Elin Larsson and Refused frontman Dennis Lyxzén. Being motivated by the great collaboration, The Picturebooks started to reach out to more musicians and came right in time. The result is a jaw-dropping good album that features a wider range of songs and styles with lyrics, each of the singers work out individually.

The album starts wild and furious. ‘Here’s to Magic’ is a raw piece of music that has a psychedelic verse before it explodes in the chorus. Teaming up with Refused’s Dennis Lyxzén gives the songs an extra punch, all leading up to a great punch as a start. After such a furious beginning it is ‘Corrina Corrina’ that continues this ride through the fields of rock and metal. Supported by Neil Fallon from Clutch, the song unfolds a strong blues rock ambient and showcases a song that is taking a different route than the opener.

The psychedelic touch gets back into the picture with ‘Reach Seduction’ before the heavy pounding ‘Holy Ghost’ feat. John Harvey from Monster Truck presents another twist. None of these songs is predictable and that goes for the thundering ‘Too Soft to Live and Too Hard to Die’ too. Elin Larsson from Blues Pills enriches this musical wild horse with her great voice and it’s no less than Lzzy Hale that show the blues rock passion when interpreting ‘Rebel’. The rebellious spirit is deeply woven into this song that belongs to the highlights on the album.

And just when thinking about having found a pattern for these songs it is ‘Multidimensional Violence’ that adds a new expression to this rich of inspirational longplayer. Erlend Hjelvik and his raspy voice gives this song an identity while it is the musical wildness that bursts through. The Doobie Brothers, that what ‘Riders and Farmers’ reminds of. With ‘Song 12’ the album also carries an instrumental, a track that has the task of rounding off things on ‘The Major Minor Collective’.

The Picturebooks release with their newest delivery a stunning album that leaves you with your mouth wide open. Sometimes guest appearances are important for name-dropping. This is certainly not the case here. ‘The Major Minor Collective’ is an ode to rock’n’roll in all its facets. It’s an extremely creative and thrilling longplayer. It might not have happened during normal but since the pandemic also pushed the gates for new experiments and collaborations wide open, this record is a document in time that shows that there is always something good that comes with something bad. Wow.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Here’s to Magic (feat. Dennis Lyxzén [Refused])
  2. Corrina Corrina (feat. Neil Fallon [Clutch])
  3. Catch Me If You Can (feat. Chris Robertson [Black Stone Cherry])
  4. Beach Seduction (feat. Leah Wellbaum [Slothrust])
  5. Holy Ghost (feat. Jon Harvey [Monster Truck])
  6. Too Soft To Live And Too Hard To Die (feat. Elin Larsson [Blues Pills])
  7. Rebel (feat. Lzzy Hale [Halestorm])
  8. Multidimensional Violence (feat. Erlend Hjelvik [HJELVIK, Ex-Kvelertak])
  9. Riders and Farmers (feat. Laurent Lacrouts and Mathieu Jourdain [The Inspector Cluzo])
  10. Blind Riders (feat. Lisa Alley and Ian Graham [The Well])
  11. Again and Again
  12. Song 12

Label: Century Media

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: September 3rd, 2021




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