Review WHITE STONES ‘Dancing Into Oblivion’

As you know, White Stones is the band of Opeth bassist Martín Mendez. Right in the beginning of the rising pandemic, in March last year, White Stones launched the debut album Kuarahy’ and since COVID cleaned everyone’s agenda, work on the sophomore album could start rather quickly.

‘Dancing Into Oblivion’ is the title of White Stone’s second release and guys pick it up where they left off with the debut. Complexity meets technical finesse meets rawness. Although building on the strong foundation from the ‘Kuarahy’ album, the new record shows also some development.

There is the impact of the pandemic, that made the album to a dark and oppressive sounding record, manifested by the intro ‘La Menace’. The start of the album is a tone that starts very calm and slowly but steady gets louder. It’s a feeling of discomfort that wraps you and a comparison to the pandemic might not be a coincident. What starts small and hardly to recognizable turns into a loud and discomforting something, that is the intro and the pandemic.

The other thing is that Mendez and bandmates dare to become a bit more technical and sophisticated with their sound. They are stretching the frames they gave themselves with the debut, resulting in a strong contrast of musical finesse and ferocious growls. These counterparts work very well and support the dark vibe of this longplayer enormously. ‘Chain of Command’ is such a song that reflects the mentioned in a good fashion and it’s in the end hard to label the sound of White Stones since many influences found a way on this disc.

Different to the predecessor is also the fact that frontman Eloi Boucherie wrote the lyrics for these songs and since the other guys also added their part, the approach was more of a team effort.

An interlude called ‘Freedom of Captivity’ is a calmer moment on the album and acts a pattern breaker that is well placed in the middle section of ‘Dancing Into Oblivion’.

White Stones’ second release is a well-crafted musical trip that unveils a lot of details and smaller features that unfold along the way. It might not be during the first spin of ‘Dancing Into Oblivion’ since it is the layers that impress. But step by step the nuances gain weight which makes this longplayer to a longer lasting musical experience.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. La Menace
  2. New Age Of Dark
  3. Chain Of Command
  4. Iron Titans
  5. Woven Dream
  6. To Lie or to Die
  7. Freedom in Captivity
  8. Acacia

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Release Date EU: August 27th, 2021



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