Review WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM ‘Primordial Arcana’

Nature is beautiful and colorful. At the same time, nature is savage, wild and sometimes a bit mystic. Since 2002, American metal band Wolves In The Throne Room use the latter as a source of inspiration, also for their music. It’s a force that drives the Weaver brothers, leading to longplayers that are fierce and raw while representing an atmospheric approach too.

The newest delivery of Wolves In The Throne Room is entitled ‘Primordial Arcana’ and starts off with a song called ‘Mountain Magick’. The tune is a majestic start into the album, a song that lives by the cinematic musical expression, stunning guitars and hoarse vocals. This song isn’t about the colorful blossoming flowers. It’s the musical equivalent to the forces of nature that wrap you on a mountain top. It’s about freedom, a cold breeze and close to the sky.

Next on this seven song tracklist is ‘Spirit of Lightning’, a song about human connections and brotherhood. Kept in a slower pace than the raging opener, the track carries a lot of intensity and again it’s the atmospheric parts that add some thrill to the mix.

Another highlight of this album comes in the second half of ‘Primordial Arcana’. ‘Masters of Rain and Storm’ is the stellar 10-minute cornerstone on this longplayer. While beautiful melodies paint the picture of an untouched nature it’s again the raw and fierce parts that stand for wilderness and force of nature. The acoustic part in the middle adds some peace to this epos before things slowly build up again. The way Wolves In The Throne Room interprets nature in a musical way impress, regardless of if you like this kind of music or not.

‘Primordial Arcana’ shows a more wholistic way of working too. Next to songwriting and performing, the trio also took responsibility for recording, producing and mixing, all in the Owl Lodge Studio. Hereby the Weaver brothers and guitarist Kody Keyworth could follow their musical vision and realize and album that exactly sounds like they want to have it sound. This album electrifies.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Mountain Magick
  2. Spirit of Lightning
  3. Through Eternal Fields
  4. Primal Chasm (Gift of Fire)
  5. Underworld Aurora
  6. Masters of Rain and Storm
  7. Eostre

Label: Century Media

Genre: Extreme Metal

Release Date EU: August 20th, 2021




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