THE COLD STAR announced ‘Heavy Shoes’

The Cold Stars is a duo, hailing from Indiana, US. The guys announced their new album ‘Heavy Shoes’ which will be in the record stores on August 13th. The record will come via Mascot Records and features blues-laden songs like the great ‘Prosecution Blues’.

The album title already indicates that ‘Heavy Shoes’ isn’t a light-hearted album. Lyrically focusing more on the darker aspects of human life, the sound of The Cold Star reflects a blend of various styles. Garage rock, blues, fuzz and desert rock, all melts on this release to an intensive sound collage.

Chris Tapp says: “Prosecution Blues was an opportunity to tip our hat to some of our heavy Blues influences. I always loved the way that Zeppelin used a Blues as a vehicle to insert metaphors and say things lyrically that were poetic and deeper than the surface layer. That’s what we tried to do with ‘Prosecution Blues’, and also take that vehicle on a spin through streets that were familiar to us.”

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