Review BUCKCHERRY ‘Hellbound’

Buckcherry started full speed into their rock’n’roll endeavor. The band is the brainchild of singer Josh Todd and Keith Nelson with both exploring a similar taste when it comes to music. That was in 1995 and it still took a while before Buckcherry, the band they started, debuted. Th self-titled first longplayer has been released in 1999 and went right to the US charts. The band couldn’t prolong the start of a potential winning streak since the sophomore album ‘Time Bomb’ didn’t live up to expectation. What followed was a hiatus in 2002 followed by a reunion three years later.

In this second era things went much better than in the early days. ‘Black Butterfly’, from 2008, became a next successful record with a few more that followed. The newest delivery from Buckcherry is called ‘Hellbound’ and the guys pick it up where the left off with ‘Warpaint’. Solidly performed hard rock with a very good groove and cool hooks is what fans of rock music get offered with the ten tracks that made it on the album.

‘Hellbound’ starts off with the fast and punk-laden opener ‘54321’, a kind of countdown to great rock’n’roll. The song is a real kickstart and acts as an appetizer for more. And there is more to come. Buckcherry focus mostly on the hard and mighty sound with ‘Wasting No More Time’ being a soulful moment. Although you might want to put the song into a box called ‘ballad’ it has more to offer than a gentle soul cuddler. There comes a lot of feel with the track. ‘The Way’ is more of such a musical flatterer before ‘Barricade’ marks already the final end of the album.

The second half of ‘Hellbound’ is a bit weaker than the for first six tracks. The opener, but also the thundering ‘Here I Come’ plus the funky are a pure hard rock pleasure and treat for your ears. Still ‘Hellbound’ is a summertime album that reflects the ease of life as well as it can act as the soundtrack to a good summer party.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. 54321
  2. So Hott
  3. Hellbound
  4. Gun
  5. No More Lies
  6. Here I Come
  7. Junk
  8. Wasting No More Time
  9. The Way
  10. Barricade

Label: Earache Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: June 25th, 2021



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