CD review BUCKCHERRY ‘Warpaint’

(8/10) Buckcherry premiered in 1999 with the self-titled first album and is since then a regular deliverer of great hard rocking music. Their latest studio album was even entitled ‘Rock’n’Roll’ and it’s four years later the guys attack with ‘Warpaint’.

The new album was produced by Mike Plotnikoff (Halestorm, All That Remains), something that ensures a great sound and it’s the songs that take things one step further. The cool thing with ‘Warpaint’ is that Buckcherry recorded a hard rock album without that’s neither dusted nor retro. The opposite is the case. The new songs are powerful, dynamic and modern, thrilling the listener right away.

This rocking plane takes off with the title track. ‘Warpaint’ is a great beginning of an album that spreads a good vibe throughout. The cool thing with the opener are Josh Todd’s rough screams he partly uses in the chorus. It adds edges to the mix.

‘Right Now’ is the very beat-based next tune before ‘Head like a Hole’ begins with a Rammstein-like sound. No worries, things turn into a cool rock songs that still keeps the dark vibe as an overarching theme. And if they would teach it at the University of Rock, track number four is a ballad, a good one though. The following ’The Vacuum’ carries also quite some calmer tones before straight-forward rock returns with ‘Bent’.

What more? There’s the bluesy ‘The Alarm’ that has the potential to become your morning wakeup call and there’s the punk-like ‘No Regrets’. This snappy tune surely belongs to the highlights in a great album. ‘Closer’ isn’t the closer, but another well-crafted rock’n’roller and it’s ‘The Devil’s in the Detail’ that actually ends a well done longplayer.

After having listened to ‘Warpaint’ several times I can’t come to any other conclusion than this album being a hard rocking beauty that blossoms right away and doesn’t lose any fascination along the way. These songs are timeless rock music.



  1. Warpaint
  2. Right Now
  3. Head like A Hole
  4. Radio Song
  5. The Vacuum
  6. Bent
  7. Back Down
  8. The Alarm
  9. No Regrets
  10. The Hunger
  11. Closer
  12. The Devil’s In the Details

Label: Century Media

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: March 8th, 2019



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