CD review MISERY INDEX ‘Rituals of Power’

(8/10) Riff grinders Misery Index return with their sixth studio album in an 18 years history. Five long years after ‘The Killing Gods’ spread its morbid charm it’s the new longplayer that brings back brutal death metal.

‘Rituals of Power’ features nine songs and it’s oldschool death metal you get offered by the Baltimore-based powerhouse, tunes that are sonic riff massacres per excellence.

The album, that has ‘truth’ as a common theme, is a crushing death metal record. The quartet didn’t record any happy sounds, with lyrics being a warning of the consequences of the ‘post-truth’ age. This overarching theme is supported by music that manifests itself in masterpieces such as ‘New Salem’ – the best song on the album. This deadly anthem doesn’t take any prisoners and it’s the chorus that could lift the song to a constant live track.

The fact that Misery Index has the ability to write songs with more than five minutes length helps the band to make the album to a thrilling experience. ‘Rituals of Power’, the title track, and the snappy ‘I Disavow’ are massive and monstrous. This album doesn’t deliver a moment of rest. It’s a crushing death metal smasher with deep growls, a mercilessly working rhtythm-section and vicious leads.

It feels like guys bottled up a lot of anger over the last five years, energy that’s now canalized through this wrecking ball. ‘Rituals of Power’ – a ‘must have’ for any death metal maniac.



  1. Universal Untruths
  2. Decline and Fall
  3. The Choir Invisible
  4. New Salem
  5. Hammering the Nails
  6. Rituals of Power
  7. They Always Come Back
  8. I Disavow
  9. Naysayer

Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: March 8th, 2019



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