Review BUCKCHERRY ‘Hellbound’

Buckcherry started full speed into their rock’n’roll endeavor. The band is the brainchild of singer Josh Todd and Keith Nelson with both exploring a similar taste when it comes to music. That was in 1995 and it still took a while before Buckcherry, the band they started, debuted. Th self-titled first longplayer has been released... Continue Reading →

BUCKCHERRY announce ‘Hellbound’

Buckcherry announce their 9th studio album called 'Hellbound'. The release is scheduled for June 25th and the record comes via Earache Records. The longplayer is produced by Marti Frederiksen, who also work with the band on the 'Black Butterfly' record. With 'So Hott' a first song has been unveiled today and here it is:

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