WHITE STONES announce ‘Dancing Into Oblivion’

White Stones is the brainchild of Opeth bassist Martin Mendez and the debut of the band, ‘Kuarahy’, saw the light of day in 2020. Today, the band announced their sophomore album ‘Dancing Into Oblivion’ which is a next virtuoso death metal release, penned by Mendez. White Stones stress the frame of extreme music, combining harsh death metal with jazz-laded interludes that show the entire bandwidth of this band.

This is how the tracklist looks like:

  1. La Menace
  2. New Age Of Dark
  3. Chain Of Command
  4. Iron Titans
  5. Woven Dream
  6. To Lie or to Die
  7. Freedom in Captivity
  8. Acacia 

The release is schedule for August 27th and comes via Nuclear Blast.

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