Jess And The Ancient Ones are an exciting band. The Finns, hailing from Kuopio, started in 2010 and released three longplayers to date. Jess, Thomas Corpse, Fast Jake, Yussuf and Abraham, that’s the line-up that worked on the next release, an album called Vertigo’.

The new longplayer is the carrier of eight new songs of which the eleven minutes closer ‘Strange Earth Illusion’ stands out. As the entire album, also the Grande Finale is rooted in psych rock, presented with style. The psychedelic beginning of the track starts the ominous atmosphere that is rolled out over the entire eleven minutes. Instrumentally reduced to the minimum, the start of the song is hypnotic and it takes three minutes before some extra heaviness is added to the mix. Spoken words suddenly provide a narrative aspect to the song that certainly belongs to the best ones, Jess And The Ancient Ones unveiled so far. High-pitch screams, a classic rock vibe and sinister doom, all is weaved into this song.

The start into ‘Vertigo’ includes a bit more of an ease, compared to the grey-shaded ending. ‘Burning of the Velvet Fires’ and the light-hearted swinging ‘World Paranormal’ are excellent rock songs, showing that melody doesn’t need to be cheesy or pop-like.

‘Summer Tripping Man’, with the solid keyboard foundation, is a song that doesn’t take more than one listen to crawl into your mind and ‘Born to Kill’ wins over fans of well-crafted rock through excellently executed music and a dense sound.

I must admit that I like the earlier longplayers from Jess And The Ancient Ones and therefor was excited to hear about a next album. ‘Vertigo’ picks it up where the band left off with ‘The Horse and Other Weird Tales’. With the addition of a next level of maturity, the quintet still sticks to the wild and unbound approach of creating music; wildness with style, if you will.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Burning of the Velvet Fires
  2. World Paranormal
  3. Talking Broad
  4. Love Zombi
  5. Summer Tripping Man
  6. Born to Kill
  7. What’s on Your Mind
  8. Strange Earth Illusion

Label: Svart Records

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Release Date EU: May 21st, 2021


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