Review SCORPIONS ‘Rock Believer’

The artwork of Scorpions longplayers often created some attention and sometimes even led to controversial discussions. What is remarkable with their new album ‘Rock Believer’ is the screaming person on the cover, reminding of the iconic artwork of the ‘Blackout’ album from 1982. The good thing is, that it isn’t only the artwork that reminds... Continue Reading →


Jess And The Ancient Ones are an exciting band. The Finns, hailing from Kuopio, started in 2010 and released three longplayers to date. Jess, Thomas Corpse, Fast Jake, Yussuf and Abraham, that’s the line-up that worked on the next release, an album called Vertigo’. The new longplayer is the carrier of eight new songs of... Continue Reading →

CD review ZAKK SABBATH ‘Vertigo’

Covering such a milestone album always includes a higher risk risk of failure. If someone can make such an endeavor to a success it is Zakk Wylde, Blasko and Joey Castillo. Musical capabilities and savvy comes units with a passion for the sound of their idols, the earlier giving the trio the possibility to interpret the music in perfection, that latter allowing the guys to get the right vibe and spirit in place.

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