Classics: MORTAL SIN ‘Mayhemic Destruction’

Who can remember Mortal Sin? The quintet from Sydney, Australia isn’t top of mind of everybody, but the ones of you that started their metallic journey in the 80’s are familiar with this five-piece powerhouse from down under.

Mortal Sin started in 1985 and was described as the ‘Australian Metallica’. This gave already a clear idea of the band’s sound. Mortal Sin’s music is pure and raw thrash metal. Mat Maurer and band premiered in 1987 with the mind-blowing ‘Mayhemic Destruction’ album. Being inspired by Metallica and the American West coast thrash scene, the Australians delivered a debut that was extremely well received in the metal community.

‘Mayhemic Destruction’ is an album that contains eight killer songs. There is no single moment of boredom or lengthiness on this album. Mortal Sin ignited a thrash metal firework that has two absolute highlights. The first one is the epic ‘Lebanon’ which became the best-known Mortal Sin song. Secondly, it’s the title track, being the final one on the album, that wows. It’s a raging smasher that climaxes in brutal chorus shouts and furious solo parts. What an ending of a great album.

Furthermore, it’s the racing ‘Blood, Death, Hatred’ that’s a delight for metalheads and also ‘Liar’ is a song you should have heard as being a real metalhead.

‘Mayhemic Destruction’ is a thrash metal masterpiece. The album got quite some attention at the time, but was never really mentioned in the same breathe with the big thrash acts from California. However, ‘Mayhemic Destruction’ is an awesome album that you shouldn’t miss.



  1. The Curse
  2. Women in Leather
  3. Lebanon
  4. Liar
  5. Blood, Death, Hatred
  6. Mortal Slaughter
  7. Into the Fire
  8. Mayhemic Destruction


Label: Vertigo

Genre: Trash Metal

Release Date: 1987


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