CD review TREAT ‘Tunguska’

(8/10) Swedish hardrocker Treat are a longtime player in the fields of melodic hardrock. The first and successful era ended with a split in 1993 before Treat reunited in 2006. The second era also included some good longplayer, starting with ‘Coup de Grace’. I have to admit that the 1987 ‘Dreamhunter’ album is still my reference when it comes to Treat releases, but of course times changed and the band developed.

Was it more the ‘The Final Countdown’ and Europe hype in the 80’s that heavily influenced Treat back then,  it’s the here and now that counts. Treat slightly developed their music and didn’t start to copy themselves. This trend of becoming harder was already obvious on the mentioned ‘Coup de Grace’ and it’s ‘Tunguska’ that became another great addition to Treat’s résumé.

What was confusing is the title of the album and a glimpse into the label info gave clarity.  ‘Tunguska’ was a mighty explosion in Siberia in 1908 and in a metaphorical way the work stand for the last piece of a puzzle that needs to be put in place.

The new album combines melodies and hard rocking elements in a perfect way. There are still enough edges present throughout and it’s the excellent hooks that act as a glue, keeping together energetic rocking guitars and catchy vocallines. The beauty with this album is the fact that things never get banal nor trivial. A song that represents this in a perfect fashion is ‘Best of Enemies’. Other songs you shouldn’t miss as being a melodic rock fans are the powerful ‘HeartMath City’ and dramatic ‘Man Overboard’. Treat made use of their entire experience and tailored an album that will be loved by Treat supporters and fans of Scandinavian hardrock. 





  1. Progenitors
  2. Always Have, Always Will
  3. Best Of Enemies
  4. Rose Of Jericho
  5. Heartmath City
  6. Creeps
  7. Build The Love
  8. Man Overboard
  9. Riptide
  10. TomorrowNever Comes
  11. All Bets Are Off
  12. Undefeated


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: September 14th, 2018

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