CD review PILLARS ‘Onwards to Nothingness’

(7/10) The first funny thing that happened after I uploaded this album to my player was that all six tracks had the same title, ‘Above’. For one second I though that this might have been a weird but planned way to distract, but of course it’s not. Each of the six songs on Pillars new album has an own title. So, nothing to worry about.

Pillars is a rather new player in the wide fields of metal. The band started in 2014 and is hailing from France. Their hometown is Nice and you should expect some light-hearted meta’/rock music based on sunny weather and a nice temperature. The opposite is the fact when it comes to Pillars debut. 

The four-piece premiers with ‘Onwards to Nothingness’ and it seems like the guys are fully done with sunshine. Pillars plays funeral doom by using the entire toolbox this genre offers. Slow riffs, heavily down-tuned guitars, a massive rhythm section and vocals, full of despair, these are the main  assets of the album and the quartet knows how to use them effectively. 

‘Onwards to Nothingness’ is a well-crafted debut that turns down the summer vibe immediately with six gloomy and wistful songs. Dark clouds cover the sun and winter is near.





  1. The Fearsome Path
  2. Vultures
  3. Pale Horse Rider
  4. Onwards to Nothingness
  5. The Mourner
  6. Swarms From the Swamp


Label: Seeing Red Records

Genre: Funeral Doom

Release Date EU: September 28th, 2018


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