Review INTOXICATED ‘Watch You Burn’

Florida and death metal, that is a combination that works for decades. Florida is also the home of Intoxicated, a band hailing from Altamonte Springs. The guys started in 1992 and are still active. They might even more active than over the first 22 years. The band premiered in 1997 with ‘Metal Neck’ before radio... Continue Reading →

CD review INTOXICATED ‘Walled’ – EP

...'Stuck in Mode' is another evil thrasher before the first tones of 'Yuck' heralds the ending of this EP. The song, with a screaming guitar solo by Ken Andrews (Obituary), is the final punch of a release that brings back a time when Metal was raw, sweaty and relentless. Intoxicated picks-up these attributes and embedded them in these six songs that are surely worth to be checked out. A real blast from the past.

HESPERA announces EP for August

Hespera, that's Björn 'Speed' Strid (v), Cole Martinez (g), Matt Silac (g), Andrew Lenthe (b) and Dirk Verbeuren (d). This powerful quintet will release a six track EP on August 31st. Not much more than a teaser has been unveiled so far, but what we can expect is an aggressive EP entitled 'In Absence'. Stay... Continue Reading →

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