CD review THE SCOURGE ‘Warrant for Execution’

(8/10) Houston, Texas is the home of Heavy Metal maniacs The Scourge, a band that was formed in 2012. The mission of Andrew Atwood g/v) (the guy’s a real Metal siren), Alex Erhardt (d), Johnny Laird (g), and Garrick Smith (b) is the revitalize ‘80s and ‘90s Thrash Metal. The quartet released a first EP back in 2014 before Johnny Laird left the powerhouse. The guitarist wasn’t replaced by a new axeman and The Scourge decided to continue as a trio.

At the same time Andrew and Garrick were asked to join Helstar for live shows and festivals, an offer the guys couldn’t resist. The little downer was a delay in the songwriting- and recording process for the new longplayer. Finally work could be finished and here it is – The Scourge’s debut ‘Warrant for Execution’

The record comprises of nine songs, all representing good old Thrash Metal. Bands like Flotsam And Jetsam certainly acted as a source of inspiration with songs like ‘Death Draws Near Dark’ speaking for itself. Next to the fast songs there are midpaced Metal anthems like ‘Hellbound and Down’ and ‘Killed’, the later with a hard working rhythm section, a strong groove and quite some Metallica inspiration.

However, the focus goes on high speed smashers like ‘Mayhem Tonight’ and ‘One By One’ being merciless Thrash Metal songs.

‘Warrant for Execution’ has the potential to cause serious neck pain. The Scourge releases a debut that builds on some oldschool metal, played in a modern fashion and equipped with a great sound. The Scourge could become for Thrash Metal what Night Demon stands for when it comes to Heavy Metal. Horns up.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Progressive Forms                          
  2. Death Draws Near Dark                
  3. Hellbound and Down                    
  4. Warrant for Execution                  
  5. One by One       
  6. S.O.I.                    
  7. Killed                    
  8. Mayhem Tonight                            
  9. The Cross on the Wall

Label: Seeing Red Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: October 25th, 2019


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