CD review INTOXICATED ‘Walled’ – EP

Intoxicated is a band you might not have heard earlier, something that should be changed right away. The trio from Florida has a starting date that goes back to the early ’90s. At the time Eric Payne, Gregg Roberts and Mike Radford released three demos, leading to an EP called ‘Drain’, which was recorded and produced by no less than legendary Death mainman Chuck Schuldiner.

The track-record of Intoxicated is rather short though, but there is good news. The guys worked on a new EP. ‘Walled’ will be released in August and contains six songs. ‘Walled’ is about heaviness, aggressiveness and pure Metal. It all starts with the artwork of this highly anticipated release. An oldschool vibe is what’s perfectly mirrored by the cover of this release. The same fortunatly goes for the tracks on ‘Walled’. Merciless Trash Metal, spiced-up with the deadly groove of Florida-Death Metal, is what you get to hear for 20 minutes.

The lead-off spot is covered by ‘Smash the Line’ and obviously the guys don’t give listeners the time to get into the album. With the smashing power of a wrecking ball the opener hits you and the following title track doesn’t allow any time to recover. During this metal tornado it is the well set breaks that help to make the six songs more varied. Intoxicated isn’t meaninglessly pushing the pedal to metal. They play hard and fast, actually mostly on this EP, but the mentioned breaks are the decisive factor of not becoming too predictable. There’s always a twist.

‘Stuck in Mode’ is another evil thrasher before the first tones of ‘Yuck’ heralds the ending of this EP. The song, with a screaming guitar solo by Ken Andrews (Obituary), is the final punch of a release that brings back a time when Metal was raw, sweaty and relentless. Intoxicated picks-up these attributes and embedded them in these six songs that are surely worth to be checked out. A real blast from the past.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Smash the Line
  2. Walled
  3. Grab the Rope
  4. Hells Reward
  5. Stuck in Mode
  6. Yuck

Label: Seeing Red Records

Genre: Death-/Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: August 28th, 2020



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