CD review SUBTYPE ZERO ‘The Astral Awakening’

(7/10) Some of you might be still familiar with the band name Cringe. Subtype Zero is the successor of Crinch after the band was forced to change the band’s name due to a legal dispute. Raider became Twix and Cringe became Subtype Zero. What both have in common is that the product itself stays the same, just under a new header.

But enough of this weird comparison. Subtype Zero is about oldschool thrash metal. It’s bands like the early Slayer and Exodus that act as a source of inspiration. But also more hardcore and crossover-based bands like D.R.I. have an impact on ‘Subtype Zero’s sound. It’s the energy of hardcore and the crudity of thrash that manifests itself in songs like the awesome ‘Twisted Obsession’.

‘The Astral Awakening’ comprises of 12 songs, all short and boiled down to the essence of thrash metal. This album isn’t about frills and unnecessary details. It’s about the essence of thrash metal with all the power and rawness that comes with it. In this context the acoustic ending of the title track feels like an aural oasis and is more exception than the rule. It’s the raging ‘Sin of the Innocent’, which is next, that brings back brutality with screaming guitars and hellish vocals. There is another acoustic moment on the album though. The interlude ‘F.T.C.’ is a second moment of taking a deep breathe. It’s a peaceful moment on the album, even though with a menacing undertone.

A song I like in specific is ‘Relentless Cleansing’. A ‘Slayer-ish’ riff creates the base for a devilish song. This song and this album is a soundtrack for head banging. So better train your neck muscles; if needed.

‘The Astral Awakening’ is an excellent oldschool thrash metal album. Subtype Zero is revering their idols with this longplayer and sometimes cross-links are a bit too much and too obvious. However, the album is worth to be checked out since it brings back an oldschool thrash vibe some of the veterans partly even lost.





  1. Blinded By Light
  2. Shrouded Mestasis
  3. Become Insane
  4. Unprecedented Salvation
  5. Twisted Obsession
  6. Flesh Famine
  7. The Astral Awakening
  8. Sin of the Innocent
  9. Relentless Cleansing
  10. F.T.C.
  11. Inhumane
  12. Cerebral Cage


Label: Seeing Red Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: August 24h, 2018


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