CD review KING COMPANY ‘Queen of Hearts’

(7/10) King Company is the brainchild of drummer Mirka Rantanen. It was in 2014 when the idea of an own band was born and it’s four years later that the sophomore full-length album can be bought in the record stores.

To realize this idea the drummer decided to work with musicians he knew from the past and present. Antti Wirman joined first on the six string guitar followed by singer Pasi Rantanen. Furthermore the band consists of Jari Pailamo (keyboards) and bassist Time Schleifer competes the line-up.

After having release a successful debut Pasi Rantanen faced some severe vocal chord problems and since the future ability to sing was unclear, it was singer Leonard F. Guillan who took over vocal duties. It’s also him you can listen to on the new album ‘Queen of Hearts’ since the frontman became a permanent member of King Company.

The band’s second album comprises of eleven songs. The first ones on the album give clear direction of what King Company is about. The quintet plays hardrock/melodic metal. In that sense it fits perfectly into the Frontiers portfolio.

The dynamic title track ‘Queen of Hearts’ and the zappy ‘One Day of Your Life’ are a well done start into the album, before ‘Stars’ calms down things. The rock/pop ballad is not too bad, but also not leading to unexpected excitement. King Company are best when they reveal their rock roots. The grooving ‘Living in a Hurricane’ is such a song and the snappy ’Learn to Fly’ belongs to the good moments too. But even with these tunes on the tracklist, the album loses some firepower towards the end, with ‘Living the Dream’ being the weakest spot on the record.

King Company’s new album has some really good moments that are mainly placed in the first half of ‘Queen of Hearts’. If the band would have maintained this energy throughout, the album would have been easily an ‘8’, but so it’s a rock solid ‘7’ with some potential for the next release.





  1. Queen of Hearts
  2. One Day of Your Life
  3. Stars
  4. Living in a Hurricane
  5. Under The Spell
  6. Never Say Goodbye
  7. Learn To Fly
  8. Berlin
  9. King for Tonight
  10. Living the Dream
  11. Arrival
  12. Good Thing (Bonus Track, Digital)


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU:  August 10th, 2018


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