CD review MÄDHOUSE ‘Bad Habits’

L.A. has the Hollywood Boulevard, Vienna has the Kärtnerstrasse. L.A. brought bands like Ratt and Mötley Crüe up to the surface, Vienna has Mädhouse. What all of these bands have in common is the shared passion for sleaze rock and glam metal.

That Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Skid Row and others have been in a league on their own during the heydays of sleaze metal is beyond any doubt. I also think it’s safe to say the Mädhouse is very inspired by the role models of the ’80s, something, that reflected in the names of band members.

Rickey Dee, Mikky Stixx, Tommy Lovelace, Casey Eiszenman and Thommy Black, these are names that clearly indicate where the source of inspiration is located. Songs like ‘Itch to Scratch’ complete the impression of a band that obviously enjoys what they are doing. I can’t deny, the album having a certain fascination since the entertainment factor is quite OK. And a powerful sound adds to the positive aspect of ‘Bad Habits’. The thing is that the uniqueness factor is just zero. Too much of their idols shimmers through in songs like ‘Atomic Love’ and ‘Pure Oxytocin’ which also means that listening the the blueprint deliverers might be the better choice.

‘Bad Habits’ is an OK album, spreads a good vibe and lacks an own identity. The term ‘inspiration’ is taken a bit too far here and maybe it’s the next time when we get more from Mädhouse rather than an ’80s warm-up exercise. Glam Metal needs a fresh breeze and let’s see if it will come from Austria.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Bang Bang
  2. Sick Of It All
  3. First Lick Then Stick
  4. I Walk The Ponygirl
  5. Itch To Scratch
  6. Atomic Love
  7. Rodeo
  8. Bad Habits
  9. Live It Up
  10. Pure Oxytocin
  11. Fake It Till You Make It
  12. Metal Creed
  13. Say Nothing At All
  14. Tourette Brunette
  15. Love To Hate

Label: ROAR

Genre: Sleaze Metal

Release Date EU: April 23rd, 2021



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