CD review BLACKBRIAR ‘The Cause of Shipwreck’

Female-fronted symphonic metal from The Netherlands, that brings a few names on the radar. Within Temptation, Epica and the disbanded Delain are bands that you think of right away. Blackbriar is a band that is passionate about the same genre and it was at the Delain concert in the early 2020 that I heard of the band for the first time. Back then, Blackbriar opened for the Delain release show in Utrecht and they did a good job, although it wasn’t a lasting impression.

The sextet isn’t a rookie, thinking about a first single that has been revealed in 2014. What was missing so far was a longplayer, a full-length debut. This gap is closed now since Blackbriar unleashed with ‘The Cause of Shipwreck’ their first record. This debut is self-released and was possible die to a crowd-funding activity by fans that were longing for a longplayer by Blackbriar. It seems there is a solid fanbase the band built-up over the years.

Ten songs are carving a tracklist that provides well-done symphonic metal. Compared to the mentioned live appearance, the record is an energy-provider with a good sound and a solid drive. Tracks like ‘Walking Over My Grave’ are powerful and the melodies stick right away. In general we can state that there isn’t bad stuff on the album and it’s an ease to surf through these ten tracks. What you need to overcome though is the hope, that you get a lot of new things offered. Blackbriar build their music very much on influences of the earlier mentioned bands and the own trademarks are hard to find. ‘The Cause of Shipwreck’ lacks an own identity, although the longplayer is done with good craftsmanship. Not more, but also not less.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Confess
  2. Weakness and Lust
  3. Through the Crevice
  4. The Séance
  5. You’re Haunting Me
  6. Walking Over My Grave
  7. My Down-to-Earth Lover
  8. Selkie
  9. Deadly Diminuendo
  10. Lilith Be Gone

Label: Self-released

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: April 23rd, 2021



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