CD review AXEWITCH ‘Out of the Ashes into the Fire’

If you listen to metal since the early ‘80s you are aware of the fact that there was traditional heavy metal around there even before Hammerfall pushed the re-active button in the ‘90s. One of the bands that unleashed longplayers at the time was Axewitch from Linköping. The guys premiered already in 1983 with an album called ‘The Lord of Flies’ and added two more longplayers to their list od achievement.

Axewitch stopped in 1987 and it was in 2007 when some sign of life reached us from Sweden. The fact of the first records having been re-released too nurtured the idea of a new studio album forged by the Swedish metal merchants. End of April this year, or 38 years after their latest longplayer, the Swedes unveil their fourth longplayer.

As if time would have stand still, it’s solo metal from Linköping that is captured through 12 songs. This means for fans of the early days, that it was time to wait all these decades since their expectations will be fulfilled. Next to that, ‘Out of the Ashes into the Fire’ doesn’t bring much new to the plate either. Songs like the energetic opener ‘The Pusher’ really pushes and also ‘Boogie of Death’ is a tune, being entertaining and providing a good time. The same goes for the pounding ‘The Healer’ that’s kept in a slower pace.

To sum up: Axewitch stood for heavy metal and never lost their passion for this kind of music. They re-grouped, returned and release with ‘Out of the Ashes into the Fire’ a solid metal album that cherish good riffing, a good groove and well-crafted vocal melodies.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. The Pusher
  2. In Pitch Black Darkness
  3. Dues To Pay
  4. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  5. Boogie Of Death
  6. Losing You
  7. Going Down
  8. The Healer
  9. Lie To Me
  10. Violator
  11. Nightmare (Bonustrack)
  12. Axewitch (Bonustrack)

Label: Pure Steel Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 30th, 2021



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