THUNDERMOTHER announce ‘Heat Wave – Deluxe Edition’

Swedish rock and metal powerhouse Thundermother released in summer 2020 their newest album ‘Heat Wave’. With their best album to date, the four piece band went on tour and even in days of COVID some of the shows could happen with alternative concepts.

Since Thundermother can’t hit the road yet, the quartet worked on a Deluxe Edition of the ‘Heat Wave’ album which will be released on May 21st 2021 via AFM Records. Next to the original songs of the album, this edition features a second disc with 10 additional previously unreleased tracks.


CD 1:

  1. Loud and Alive
  2. Dog From Hell
  3. Back in ’76
  4. Into the Mud
  5. Heat Wave
  6. Sleep
  7. Driving My Style
  8. Free Ourselves
  9. Mexico
  10. Purple Sky
  11. Ghosts
  12. Somebody Love Me
  13. Bad Habbits

CD 2:

  1. The Road Is Ours
  2. Show Me What You Got
  3. You Can ́t Handle Me
  4. Driving In Style (Acoustic)
  5. Dog From Hell (Acoustic)
  6. Sleep Feat. Jesper Binzer (Acoustic)
  7. Give Me Some Lights (Live)
  8. Thunderous (Live)
  9. Hellevator (Live)
  10. Rock’n’Roll Heaven (feat. Dregen & Pontus Snibb)

Photo: Guido Karp (Promo)

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