CD review BONFIRE ‘Roots’

Bavaria’s metal and rock veterans Bonfire have regained strength over the past few years. ‘Temple of Lies’ and ‘Fistul of Fire’ are evidence of a band that has picked up momentum. Singer Alexx Stahl certainly added his share to this positive development, as Bonfire mainman Hans Ziller has now again a good frontman next to him.

Not so positive is the fact that after the release of ‘Fistful of Fire’, Bonfire hit the same fate as all bands. No shows and tours didn’t help to promote and celebrate the new album. But old hands don’t let themselves be knocked down and Bonfire overcame already other crises in all the years. Instead of boarding the tourbus, Bonfire have moved into Flatliners Recording Studio in the summer of 2020 to work on ‘Roots’.

‘Roots’ is a kind of half-acoustic complilation that takes a look at the entire Bonfire history with 24 tracks. The songs have been reworked and for those who know the band from the early days, tunes like ‘Ready 4 Reaction’, ‘You Make Me Feel’ and ‘American Nights’ are exceptionally enjoyable. However, what this release also makes apparent is that Bonfire, with all the ups and downs, have been quite consistent when it comes to their music. This is obvious looking on the homogeneity of the 24 songs, which also include with ‘When An Old Man Cries’ also newer material.

‘Roots’ is more than just an activity for being busy while not being able to tour. This album is a successful summary of a band that presents its musical heights to the public in a newly arranged version.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Starin’ Eyes
  2. American Nights
  3. Let Me Be Your Water
  4. The Price of Loving You
  5. Comin’ Home
  6. Readu For Reaction
  7. Give it a Try
  8. Sleeping All Alone
  9. Who’s Foolin’ Who
  10. Why is it Never Enough
  11. Fantasy
  12. When An Old Man Cries
  13. Love Don’t Lie
  14. Lonely Nights
  15. Under Blue Skies
  16. You Make Me Feel
  17. No More
  18. The Devil Made Me Do It
  19. Without You
  20. Your Love is Heaven to Me
  21. Piece of My Heart
  22. Youngbloods
  23. Our Hearts Don’t Feel the Same
  24. Wolfman

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Acoustic

Release Date EU: February 26th, 2021



Photo: Kai Swillus

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